Metering modes explained

small object in the center of the frame

Modern digital cameras have the ability to evaluate and adjust the brightness of a subject all on their own. The exposure recommendation displayed in the bottom of the viewfinder and on the LCD are the cameras meter or brightness measurement of the scene. On the inside of your camera next to the image sensor is a metering sensor that measures the light values passing through… Continue Reading

Master your camera’s shooting modes

shooting mode dials featured

Almost all digital cameras today have a dial on top of the camera which turns, selecting the shooting mode. All the icons and letters can seem intimidating at first, but it’s rather straight forward once you understand how they work. By the time you finish reading this article you should understand what they are, how they work and which is most suitable for your next… Continue Reading

Introduction to Exposure

Manual Exposure Cheat Sheet

Exposure is one of the most basic elements of photography, and most important. In its most basic sense, exposure is how light or dark everything appears in the image. This process begins when light from a source reflects off the objects in your scene. That light enters your camera through the lens and is absorbed by the sensor. Your camera’s sensor is made up of… Continue Reading