What is Spherical Aberration?

A lens that exhibits spherical aberration refracts light at a greater angle towards the edge of the lens

Spherical aberration is an optical distortion that occurs as a result of using optical lenses with a spherical surface. Light that passes through the lens near the center is refracted at less of an angle than light passing through the lens at the edge. The result is light being focused at different points along the optical axis instead of in one location. The image above… Continue Reading

5 Portrait Lighting Patterns & How to Set Them Up

split lighting

When it comes to portrait photography, you can’t just stick a light in someone’s face and expect to get a flattering image. Faces are made up of complex shapes and angles that require specific kinds of lighting. It takes a great understanding of light and the correct equipment to make great portraits. One of the most basic elements of a good portrait is using directional… Continue Reading

Learn Lightroom (part 4) – Editing Workflow


I hope you’re as excited for this tutorial as I am. The editing process is my favorite part of the Lightroom workflow. Since all of the sorting and filtering is out of the way, we can focus entirely on fine tuning only the select images from the catalog.

Build a Studio Lighting Setup on a Budget

home photo studio

As your photography skills start to improve, you realize more and more how difficult it can be to rely on natural light for your shots. Indoor shots can be difficult due to a lack of “good” light. Outdoors, the weather is unpredictable and constantly changing. If you sit around and wait for the perfect lighting, you’re going to miss a lot of great shots. For… Continue Reading

5 Must Have Lenses for Canon DSLRs

70-200 f4

If you recently bought your first Canon DSLR, chances are you only have the kit lens that came with the camera. Even if you’ve been shooting for a while, you probably don’t have all the lenses you want. There are literally hundreds of lenses out there to choose from (even more if you consider third-party lenses). How do you decide which ones are worth the… Continue Reading