A Basic Understanding of Light


Photography is all about light and the manipulation of light. While you can create great photography without understanding the how and why of light, a better understanding can give you more confidence and control. What is Light? Light is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which includes radio waves, gamma rays, and ultraviolet light. It is completely weightless and made entirely of energy. As you… Continue Reading

Intro to White Balance

white balance complex

Anyone who has a camera knows that your images don’t always turn out like you thought they would. Have you ever had a photo with a yellow, blue or orange color cast that just didn’t look right? The reason it has that awful color cast is because of the white balance. We’ve talked before about how a camera sees the world differently than our eyes…. Continue Reading

How to Inspect Your New Lens

how to inspect your new lens

Whether you got your latest lens brand new or used, it’s a good idea to inspect it thoroughly before using it. Even new lenses can come with scratches, dust or blemishes. Finding out right away if the lens is defective will help ensure you don’t have any problems getting a quick replacement. Here’s everything I do when receiving a new lens. Inspect the body Depending… Continue Reading

What is bokeh?


If you’ve ever been on a photography blog, chances are you’ve heard photographers arguing about which lens produces the best bokeh. Bokeh comes from the Japanese word boke, meaning blur or haze. Bokeh describes the quality of out of focus areas in a photograph. It is not how far out of focus something is, but rather the appearance of the blur. Basics of bokeh Bokeh… Continue Reading

How to Clean Your Lenses Properly


A dirty lens can affect the quality of your images. While proper care and maintenance is essential, your lenses are meant to be used. Eventually, dirt, dust, and oil is going to accumulate on the lens elements. When that happens, you should know how to clean it properly. Dust and dirt on the front element doesn’t always show up in images, but when the rear… Continue Reading

The Sunny 16 Rule

Karoopoort Landscape by Martin Heigan

Before digital cameras had built-in metering, it was up to the photographer to determine the correct exposure for a scene. Back in the days of film photography you had to bring a light meter and other expensive gear just to figure out the exposure. Because of this, photographers came up with rules to help them estimate exposure. The sunny 16 rule is just that –… Continue Reading