How to Use the Spot Removal Tool in Lightroom

spot removal tool featured image

Many of the other image editing programs, like Photoshop, contain tools that you won’t ever need as a photographer. All the tools in Lightroom were designed specifically for use during the photo editing process. If you’re just getting started, that means there’s a lot fewer tools to learn and navigate through in the process.

Learn Lightroom (part 4) – Editing Workflow


I hope you’re as excited for this tutorial as I am. The editing process is my favorite part of the Lightroom workflow. Since all of the sorting and filtering is out of the way, we can focus entirely on fine tuning only the select images from the catalog.

Find moved or missing files in Lightroom


Every time you open a Lightroom catalog it renders previews for the images in that catalog. When you close out of Lightroom those previews are stored with the catalog data until you open it again. The actual image files, however, are never stored in the catalog. If you move, delete, or disconnect the files, Lightroom won’t be able to find them – but don’t worry,… Continue Reading

Learn Lightroom (part 2) – Importing Workflow


This is part 2 in the Learn Lightroom series. If you haven’t read the first post yet, you can read it here. It covers the basic interface and how to set up Lightroom preferences. In this post we’re going in-depth into the importing workflow. We’re also going to cover creating and managing catalogs, and how to create custom import presets, file templates, and custom metadata…. Continue Reading

Learn Lightroom (part 1) – Interface & Preferences


This is the first post in a series introducing Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom may seem intimidating at first, but once you get started you’ll realize how simple it really is to navigate through. Lightroom is designed to be the only piece of software you need for a complete digital workflow. In this post we’re going to cover opening Lightroom for the first time, discuss the interface,… Continue Reading