Learn Lightroom (part 2) – Importing Workflow


This is part 2 in the Learn Lightroom series. If you haven’t read the first post yet, you can read it here. It covers the basic interface and how to set up Lightroom preferences. In this post we’re going in-depth into the importing workflow. We’re also going to cover creating and managing catalogs, and how to create custom import presets, file templates, and custom metadata…. Continue Reading

Learn Lightroom (part 1) – Interface & Preferences


This is the first post in a series introducing Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom may seem intimidating at first, but once you get started you’ll realize how simple it really is to navigate through. Lightroom is designed to be the only piece of software you need for a complete digital workflow. In this post we’re going to cover opening Lightroom for the first time, discuss the interface,… Continue Reading

Adobe Camera Raw: Interface and Workflow

macbook pro keyboard

If you’re wanting to learn more about how to use Camera Raw, I’m assuming that you already have it installed on your computer. Camera Raw is part of the functionality of Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop. If you have Bridge and Photoshop installed on your computer, you also have Camera Raw. If you don’t have Photoshop yet, there is a previous post with an introduction… Continue Reading

The Photoshop toolbox


The Photoshop toolbox, located along the far left side of the window contains clickable shortcuts to all of Photoshop’s tools. Most of the tools have a keyboard shortcut as well. If you hover the mouse over the icon for several seconds, a box will appear showing the shortcut key. Icons that have a triangle in the lower corner have additional hidden tools underneath. Taking the… Continue Reading

Photoshop basics: setup & workflow


Photoshop is one of the most powerful photo editing programs around. Assuming you have little to no experience with Photoshop yet, we’ll start with the basics. In the first half of this post we’ll walk through the basic install and setup. The second half is all about establishing your editing workflow from start to finish. Purchase and Install The newest versions of Adobe software are… Continue Reading

38 most used Lightroom shortcuts


Whether you’re still not completely comfortable using Lightroom or you just want to speed up your workflow, these shortcuts are for you. Using keyboard shortcuts is one of the best ways to speed up your work. These are the 38 shortcuts that I use most frequently in Lightroom. Even if you’ve been using Lightroom and Photoshop for years, it’s hard to remember the hundreds of… Continue Reading