9 Essential Accessories for Your DSLR


There are a few essential accessories every new DSLR owner needs. There are, of course, lots and lots of other accessories that we “need”, but these are the 9 most essential things that everyone should have in their kit. 1: A Good Camera Bag One of the first things any DSLR owner should buy is a good bag. The first camera bag I bought was… Continue Reading

Need Batteries for our Camera? Check Out Wasabi Power

Wasabi Power battery kit

Wasabi Power is a rather new company in the digital camera market. They make high quality non-OEM battery replacements for just about every camera on the market. For around $30 you can get a kit with two DSLR batteries and a charger. That’s a huge savings when you consider that one OEM battery can cost you as much as $60. I’ve been using strictly Wasabi… Continue Reading

Advantages of using a battery grip

Canon BG-E5

A battery grip is, just as the name implies, an accessory grip for your camera with a second battery compartment. It also has a few other features you might not know about, which make it quite the useful accessory. The battery grip holds a second battery, doubling the amount of images you can shoot before the juice runs out. The camera automatically switches to the… Continue Reading