Natural Light and Time of day

Delicate blue and violet tones during twilight

Learning how to make better use of natural light is a key step to improving your photography skills. Many new photographers take their camera out in the harsh midday sun and wonder why their images don’t turn out well. Great photography not only takes skill but sometimes requires a lot of patience. Time of day is the most important factor determining the quality of light… Continue Reading

What is a circular polarizing filter?

B+W circular polarizing filter

A lens filter is a circular glass (can sometimes be a square) filter that screws onto the end of the lens and filters the light in some way. There are two main types of filters that photographers use on their lenses: Neutral Density filters and Circular Polarizing filters. Circular polarizing filters work in the same way that polarizing sunglasses work. They increase color saturation and… Continue Reading

Understanding the zone system

zone system markup

The zone system is a systematic method for determining optimal exposure and dynamic range for a scene. It was developed in 1939 by famous landscape photographer Ansel Adams and his partner Fred Archer. When it was created, the zone system was for film photography, but the techniques still apply today with digital photography. Learning the zone system is a great way to improve your photography…. Continue Reading

Tips for sharper photos

Fall Colors

Probably one of the biggest challenges that most photographers encounter when getting started is why their images don’t look as sharp as they should. Getting consistent sharp images involves a lot of different elements and techniques. Even when you have mastered the art of taking sharp photographs there will still be the occasional blurry image. Below is a list of steps toward ensuring your images… Continue Reading

Beginner’s guide to HDR photography

hdr california

HDR short for high dynamic range is a way of processing images to achieve a much wider range of color and contrast. This makes image appear more like what we see with our eyes. Dynamic range is the difference between the lightest and darkest visible detail in an image. The previous article goes into much more depth on dynamic range. When taking a photograph of… Continue Reading

Pelican 1560 Review

Pelican 1560

If you do a lot of traveling, you need a hard shell case to protect your gear. Pelican makes the best cases out there, and the 1560 is my favorite. I like it because everything fits into a single case. I have two camera bodies, six lenses, three flashes, filters, wireless receivers and other accessories packed tightly in mine. It’s great for storing gear at… Continue Reading