Pearstone Onyx Lens Cases

Pearstone Lens Case

Finding lens cases for all your lenses that are high quality is hard enough. Finding ones that are made well and don’t break the bank is even harder. I finally found some that meet all my expectations. The Pearstone Onyx lens cases are thick, padded, and well crafted. The best part is, they’re all under $20. Some of the cases for small lenses are only… Continue Reading

Clik Elite lens and body wraps

large lens wrap

The Clik Elite wraps are made of thick padded neoprene with velcro tabs. There are three sizes of lens wraps and two sizes of wraps for camera bodies (standard or probody). I have bought dozens of camera cases and these are the only ones that I truly love and use. The large camera wrap is large enough for the camera body with a small to… Continue Reading

Lowepro Flipside 300 Review

Lowepro Flipside 300

The Lowepro Flipside 300 is one of two camera bags that I use on a daily basis. This is my go-to bag for day trips walking and biking around Chicago. I love that you can strap a small tripod onto the back of the bag. There is room for a camera, several lenses, a flash, and accessories. There’s even a mesh pocket on the side… Continue Reading

Compact Tripod: Mefoto RoadTrip

mefoto roadtrip 1

The first time I walked into a camera store and saw the Mefoto tripods I laughed. They looked so small that I thought, there’s no way these can be good tripods. Well, a friend of mine had one that I borrowed while shooting in St Louis one afternoon. I was wrong. First the good: It might not be quite as sturdy as a $600 carbon… Continue Reading

Clik Elite Probody Sport CS Review

Probody Sport CS backpack

The Probody Sport is made for the outdoors. It’s what I take with me on trips when I leave the city and head for the countryside. There’s plenty of room for your gear, a tripod and a laptop. There’s also space for a hydration bladder, food, and anything else you might need on while hiking. My favorite part: a pull-out rain cover just in case… Continue Reading

Intro to Dynamic Range

high contrast sunset

If you’ve ever been outside taking pictures on a bright day, you most likely had images where parts of the sky were so bright there was no detail or there were shadows that were so dark there was little or no detail in them. Images with a brightly lit background are hard to expose correctly. When you try to expose the background correctly, you end… Continue Reading