How to Create a Portfolio

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One of the most challenging tasks for a photographer is evaluating your own work. Creating a portfolio is one of the most important things you can do when you’re ready to start showing or selling your work and your skills. For many of us, the mere task of creating the portfolio can be a challenge. When I created my first portfolio, I was worried that… Continue Reading

Intro to White Balance

white balance complex

Anyone who has a camera knows that your images don’t always turn out like you thought they would. Have you ever had a photo with a yellow, blue or orange color cast that just didn’t look right? The reason it has that awful color cast is because of the white balance. We’ve talked before about how a camera sees the world differently than our eyes…. Continue Reading

How to Inspect Your New Lens

how to inspect your new lens

Whether you got your latest lens brand new or used, it’s a good idea to inspect it thoroughly before using it. Even new lenses can come with scratches, dust or blemishes. Finding out right away if the lens is defective will help ensure you don’t have any problems getting a quick replacement. Here’s everything I do when receiving a new lens. Inspect the body Depending… Continue Reading

What is Chromatic Aberration?

Lateral chromatic aberration

Chromatic aberration is a type of distortion where the lens fails to focus different colors of light at the same point. In photography, chromatic aberration is also known as “fringing” or “color fringing”. Why it happens Different colors of light travel at different speeds (wavelengths) and when they pass through the lens they can get refracted at slightly different angles. When this happens, high contrasting… Continue Reading

What is Distortion?

trees distortion featured

Image distortion comes in two different forms. Sometimes it’s easy to spot distortion and other times it can be much more difficult to see. Optical distortion is caused by the lens and is sometimes referred to as lens distortion. The second type of distortion, perspective distortion, is caused by position of the camera in relation to the subject. It’s important to be able to identify… Continue Reading

Do Filters Affect Image Quality?


Lens filters are one of the many subjects that photographers just can’t seem to agree on. It seems like everywhere you look, you get a different answer. Some people will tell you to use filters on all of your lenses while others advise against it. Personally, I’ve been using filters my lenses since I first started using SLR cameras. As soon as I buy a… Continue Reading